The Caligari soundtrack show @ Levontin

Yes, yes, we’re doing more “Caligari” shows — TaaPet‘s renewed soundtrack for the German classic silent film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Our first Caligari shows happened around the year 2000 and were documented on our third album for Fact Records. A few months ago, more than 10 years later, we revisited our work and … Continue reading

Live @ the Sira

TaaPet and Neft (Rocky B & Guvi) will be playing live this coming Thursday at Jerusalem’s Sira bar, with dj Gili da Kid on the decks. It’s going to be a wicked filthy party. Entrance is free! Sira, 4 Ben Sira st. Jerusalem. Thursday, October 13, 22:00. (click to rsvp and share this fb event)

tekk-no shit!

The ATNT soundsystem are going to take over this coming weekend (Rosh HaShana) with a 3-day free-tekno event near Palmahim. TaaPet will definitely be there, and so should you! (-: Not far from there, our friends from the gravitzki in Givat-Brenner plan their lil’ fest, this time in opposition to some local plans to build … Continue reading

Join the Rave Mobile!

Savioney Hapoalim are moving out of their South Rothchild tents this week to tour other tents in Holon, Jerusalem and Rehovot, with a massive sound-system. Our group includes the following musicians (which will participate in most of the line-ups): Rona Geffen, Oz Malul, Mule Driver, Zaka and TaaPet Please join us and spread the word! … Continue reading

Snort this picket line!

TaaPet joins the people’s struggle against our neo-liberal economy of worthless pigs. We’re holding a spontaneous street show with a massive line-up, including Mujahideen, Zaka, Oz Malul and Michel La Histerique. Wednesday, August 3, from 19:00. Workers projects on Rothchild and Bezalel Yaffe st., Tel Aviv. (click to rsvp and share this fb event)

Shake the Shesek

While the streets of our cities are being rightfully reclaimed, you may have better plans for this coming Wednesday. If not, you can catch the last TaaPet show on our current new release campaign, supported by a DJ set from the mighty Mule Driver. Entrance is free! Wednesday, July 27, 22:00. Shesek, Lilinbloom 17, Tel … Continue reading

TaaPet @ Pee on da’ Summer rave

Prepare yourselves for this summer’s coolest rave, featuring many live shows and DJs. TaaPet will be among the live acts on this bill. Check out the flyer (or click here) for further info on planned line-up and location details. (click to rsvp and share this fb event)

Caligari soundtrack @ Teder

We’re going to play our renewed soundtrack for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari at Teder bar this coming Monday (July 18th). The movie will be screened on the wall outside Teder while we perform our live soundtrack. The Teder radio broadcast, at, will also stream audio and video feeds from the event. After the … Continue reading

Power to the P.A! #4

We are going to rock the Ozen-Bar in Tel Aviv this Thursday, together with Mule Driver and Rona Geffen. Our show will feature appearances by 3 of the great vocalists on our new album, Taapethic: Alon Ovnat, Talis and Rocky B. Furthermore: Today (Sunday, July 3rd), Mule Driver will host Rona Geffen for a live … Continue reading

Back to the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Ten years after the original performance, we’re going to re-play our soundtrack for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. This evening is dedicated to the launch of a new book on pre-Nazi German cinema. Our show will start after the academic discussion (this is a warning!!!). Check out the flyer for details: … Continue reading

Taapethic: Jerusalem special

A special TaaPet gig celebrating our new album, Taapethic: We’re going to celebrate our new release in a special Jerusalem gig, featuring all the participants from Taapethic: Rani Zager, Talis, Alon Ovnat & Rocky B. Also on the bill, live shows from the mighty Rona Geffen and the incredible dancefloor project from Sinister Sveta, CONTROL … Continue reading

Taapethic launch party!!!

Finally, the new TaaPet album, Taapethic, is out next week: This coming Friday afternoon we release the new TaaPet album at Uganda, Tel-Aviv. From 13:00 to 19:00 we plan dj sets by the mighty Mule Driver and the legendary Ori ‘Sugapusher’ Succary, and a live performance by TaaPet. The new CD will be on sale … Continue reading

Antifa Rave #2: follow-up

Just to let you know: The incredible Antifa Rave #2 event (feat. TaaPet among others), managed to collect a donation of 7,235 NIS that will go directly to ASSAF (Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel), and to the struggle against house demolitions in Lod. Many thanks to all the organizers (Antifa crew, Rogatka crew … Continue reading

Friday Noon Live

TaaPet will play a free live set at Beit Ha’ir this Friday noon: Friday, 18.2, Beit Ha’ir, Bialik 27, Tel Aviv. This event starts at 12:00 and finishes at 15:00. Click here for the rest of the program. (click to rsvp and share this fb event)

TaaPet live X2

Two Shows by TaaPet on the last weekend of January 1. TaaPet are the guests of the upcoming Dub El Wad #15 @ The Bass, Jerusalem: Thursday, January 27, 22:00. The Bass, Ha-histadrut 1, Jerusalem. (click to rsvp and share this fb event) — 2. On the following night, in Tel Aviv, TaaPet will join the … Continue reading

TaaPet on New Year’s Eve

TaaPet will join the Zimmer & Pit/kit on their New Year’s Eve bash. Check out the flyer for details: Friday, 31.12.10 @ 20:30. Beit Pit/kit: 14, Francoiz st. (on the corner with Schnitzler), Tel Aviv. 20 NIS at the door. (click to rsvp and share this fb event)

Outdoor TaaPet show

TaaPet will play live on Gabi Kricheli’s forthcoming installation opening. It’s taking place on a huge outdoor area in south Tel Aviv (where “Beit Merkazim” used to be). Check out the flyer for details:

TaaPet Live – new video

Our friend, Nimrod Gershoni, filmed and edited a new 8-minute video of TaaPet live: TaaPet – Live (May, 2010) by Nimrod Gershoni. Recorded live at Modular[e] festival. Expect some more news from TaaPet soon: our new album is getting ready and we have a live show in October…

TaaPet live this month

Two live shows by TaaPet on May: 1. Tuesday, 18.5 (Shavuot), on Uganda’s 5th birthday in Jerusalem. 2. Friday, 21.5, on Modular[e] event in Tel-Aviv. Check out the flyers for further details:

TaaPet & Mujahideen live this Saturday

Hello. Our friends Mujahideen are celebrating the release of their new EP on the Pit/Kit roof in Tel Aviv this Saturday. TaaPet will also play, among others (check out the attached flyer). Saturday, 22.8.09, beit pitkit, Tel Aviv יום שבת      22.8       18:00 בית פיתקית    פראנצוויז פינת שניצלר     20 ש”ח כניסה

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