Taapethic (details)

TaaPet Sounds (details)

Nobody Heard (details)
אף אחד לא שמע

Soundtrack for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (details)
פסקול לסרט הקבינט של ד”ר קליגרי

Live @ Herzliya Museum (details)
הופעה חיה במוזיאון הרצליה


Just Fuck Rona Geffen (details)

Strangest (details)

Further (details) קצת רחוק

Live sets

Shriek [live, march 2013]

Live @ Raash-Hour [august 2012]

Lies [live, march 2012]

Nameless [live @ Savioney Hapoalim]

TaaPet @ in-D-Negev 2011 (first 10 mins.)

TaaPet @ in-D-Negev 2011 (last 10 mins.)

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