TaaPet live in Cologne

The next live show by TaaPet will be held — for the first time — in Cologne, Germany (the current home of one of us). This event is part of the Cologne Commons series, in support of the progressive copyright agenda of Creative Commons. For further details click here. Saturday, September 10 2016, 21:00. Gebäude … Continue reading

Post summer gig

TaaPet will play live at ATNT’s End of Euro Tour party in Tel Aviv: Thursday, 8.10.15, Etzabotz: Yitshak Sade 25, Tel Aviv.

Just Fuck Rona Geffen (a TaaPet remix)

TaaPet are back with a remix for Rona Geffen’s post-feminist anthem, Just Fuck Me. This TaaPet remix is an unusual case where we actually produced a studio track, as opposed to editing a live improv take, like we often do. It’s minimalist and danceable, and, hopefully, it will make you smile while you irresistably shake … Continue reading

Live @ Gagarin

TaaPet will perform on a special mini-fest this weekend, Electronic Evidences, with 5(!) different local electronic acts. Here’s the full line-up: 1. Catacomb 2. Sumo Elevator 3. 3CUSPID 4. TaaPet 5. 11HolyDrills We’re excited to participate in this event, which is organised by members of the vibrant local “Russian” scene. Should be damn interesting! Gagarin, … Continue reading

Playing with fire

The upcoming TaaPet show at Uganda Jerusalem’s 8th birthday party, will feature the notorious Rocky B on the mic. Some 5 years ago we invited Rocky B to work his freestyle charms on a live TaaPet show at Uganda Jerusalem. Rocky, who was then taking a pause from live performances, agreed to give it a … Continue reading

TaaPet @ Uganda’s 8th b-day

TaaPet will play live at Uganda Jerusalem’s 8th birthday party, next weekend. Besides TaaPet, this 3-day long b-day party also includes dj sets by Panda Porn and Latifa Punk, and a live Lietterschpich show. And there’s more… (check the flyer). Uganda, 4 Aristobolus st., Jerusalem Friday, May 24th, 2013

The full Caligari experience on YouTube

TaaPet – Live soundtrack for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (July 2011) More than 10 years ago, in 2001, TaaPet created a live soundtrack for the classic German silent film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, which was then released as an audio CD on FACT records. 10 years later, in 2011, we created a renewd … Continue reading


We have a brand new recording, edited from our recent live set at the Sira. We call it Shriek and it’s now available on our Live sets page (and here): Shriek [live, march 2013]

Saturday night at The Sira

TaaPet will play live at Jerusalem’s Sira this Saturday night. Sira, Ben-Sira 4, Jerusalem Saturday, March 30th

TaaPet live at Jabali’s night

TaaPet will play live as guests on Muhammad Jabali’s legendary night, New beats from the Middle-East. Expect some hard-core electro-Arabic improv! Anna Loulou, Hapninim 1, Jaffa Wednesday, March 20th, 22:00

TaaPet open for Cristian Vogel

TaaPet will open the next Pacotek event, featuring a live show by Cristian Vogel, a true personal hero of ours since his very early days. We start at midnight, followed by the Pacotek team on the decks before the Vogel show begins and all goes shit katapult!(-: Friday, February 15th, 23:30 (entrance is cheaper until … Continue reading

Play it by (new y)ear

TaaPet may or may not play at ATNT’s new year’s bash this weekend. But who cares… you won’t remember a thing if you’d come, now would you? Thursday-Saturaday, January (3rd-5th). Infoline: 054-439-7571.

New recording from TaaPet @ Raash-Hour

TaaPet’s recent show at the Raash-Hour radio bar is now available through the Raash-Hour live shows podcast. You can play it from here: (right-click here to download the file).

TaaPet & Panda Porn @ Raash Hour

Our friends in Jerusalem, headed by the almighty Gili da Kid, just opened a radio-bar, Raash Hour, that serves beer over the internet, and has live music coming out of its taps! This coming Friday, we celebrate this new initiative with a live TaaPet show, preceded by a live Panda Porn multichannel set. Friday, August … Continue reading

July is here!

TaaPet will play live at the Sira this coming Thursday (July 5th). It’s our b-day! Sira, Ben Sira 5 (in the alley), Jerusalem Thursday, July 5th, 23:00 (Facebook event)

TaaPet ba-Lool

TaaPet will play live this Friday night at the Lool (ex Beit ha-Batim). We’ll be joining a line-up full of good friends and musicians, including Neft and Markey Funk. Lool, Abarbanel 5 (in the alley), Tel Aviv Friday, May 25, 23:00 (Facebook event)

TaaPet @ ATNT rave this Friday

TaaPet joins the massive line-up for the second installment of Borderline Disorders by the ATNT sound-system. Borderline Disorders 2 includes some ATNT regulars like Rundstein and Mute, some old-school heroes like Ori Lichtik, and surprising guests like beatmeister Walter (Tabac). As usual, this ATNT service will be located in a place near you… just follow … Continue reading

Brand new TaaPet material

Recorded Live at the Anna Loulou, March 29th, 2012.

TaaPet @ Anna Loulou

TaaPet will play live at Jaffa’s Anna Loulou Bar on Thursday, March 29th. Starting at 23:00. The mighty Mule Driver will dj before and after the show! (Facebook event)

Purim @ JLM

TaaPet will play a live party set tomorrow (Thursday) at the Ben-Sira Purim party held by the Sira & Machsan folks. Our two favorite JLM DJs (Hamster & Gilli da’ Kid) will be playing before and after us and there’s plenty of other great stuff. Thursday, March 8, 24:00. (Facebook event)

TEKKURÁ tomorrow!

TEKKURÁ is going to happen tomorrow, at any weather whatsoever! Friday, March 2, 21:00 (till Saturday morning!). This is where it’s at. Follow ATNT: fReeTEknO website; Teknoline: 054-439-7571. (Facebook event)

TEKKURÀ is wrong!

Something must be wrong here: Lietterschpich and TaaPet on the same bill!!! And wrong it is: Prepare yourselves for TEKKURÀ, an utterly improper marathon of live shows and a rave at the beginning of March. TEKKURÀ is a declaration of independence and solidarity by all the acts that made us deaf, dumb and happy during … Continue reading

TaaPet & Ctrl Delete in Jerusalem

TaaPet and Ctrl Delete (Tom Sveta) will play live at Jerusalem’s Sira on Monday, February 13th. Starting at 23:00.

Street party in JLM

TaaPet will play live at a street party in Jerusalem this Friday noon. We’ll be there to celebrate Lola’s birthday. Bring a nice present! Ha-Machsan, Ben-Sira st., Jerusalem. Friday, February 3, 12:00. (Facebook event)

TaaPet open for Kid 606

TaaPet will play a live set at the Levontin on Friday, January 20. We open for Kid 606, who’s about to play a live set that night. Nastyhabit + Nee will DJ. Levontin 7, Tel Aviv. Friday, January 20, 24:00. (Facebook event)

Live @ Michatronics

TaaPet will play live at the Michatronics on this coming Wednesday night. Michatronics, Ben Yehuda 28, Tel-Aviv. Wednesday, December 7, 21:30. (Facebook event)

Winter’s welcoming with ATNT

Once again, TaaPet joins the mighty ATNT sound-system, for yet another fabulous free party! This Winter’s welcoming party will take place at some squat near you. Use the info line: (054-439-7571); and check out freetekno.co.il for more details. (Facebook event)

Live recordings from TaaPet

NEW: section for live recordings We’re happy to announce that new music from TaaPet’s live shows will be uploaded to a new audio section on our websites, dedicated to live sets. Check out our first uploads — 2 takes from TaaPet’s recent show at in-D-Negev 2011: TaaPet @ in-D-Negev 2011 (first 10 mins.) TaaPet @ … Continue reading

Two TaaPet shows this week

Jerusalem, here we come — two different TaaPet shows on this coming Wednesday and Thursday: On Wednesday (November 2nd) TaaPet will perform the Caligari soundtrack at the Visit Nomansland project. On Thursday (November 3rd) TaaPet will play their live improv party set at the an opening event of a group exhibition by the No Coast … Continue reading

TaaPet @ In-D-Negev

There are only a few tickets left, but it’s still nice to announce that Mujahideen, Neft, TaaPet, Gilli the Kid and Hamster will take over one of the two stages at this year’s In-D-Negev festival. But hey, you don’t have to buy the ticket — the mighty Gravitzki crew will set up a free stage … Continue reading

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