tekk-no shit!

The ATNT soundsystem are going to take over this coming weekend (Rosh HaShana) with a 3-day free-tekno event near Palmahim. TaaPet will definitely be there, and so should you! (-:

Not far from there, our friends from the gravitzki in Givat-Brenner plan their lil’ fest, this time in opposition to some local plans to build a new neighborhood where it doesn’t belong. TaaPet will most probably play there as well, on the same bill with the awesome Zaka and Mujahideen.

So, our current plan is to play on Thursday (Sept. 29th) at the Minitek rave, the next day (Sept. 30th) at Givat-Brenner, and then we have one day left to come down and puke our hippy out at Palmahim again (if we stay alive, there may even be a Finkelstein gig).

Check out freetekno.co.il for more details.

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